In Case You Don't Know

I am currently employed at a company. Working there is a joy. Daily I'm surrounded by men and women devoted to serving the Lord using their various talents. 'Top Dog' is my boss; he's the "top dog" of the company and a friend of my family. His secretary, 'Cat', is musically talented and gentle in spirit. 'Mr. Muscles' is a funny guy that is probably (hopefully) stronger than he looks. 'Moneyman' works on the website with 'The Seal' and 'Tall Man.' 'ING' is our techie, he knows all things electronic. In the Spanish department, is the 'CA Peruvian,' 'Vocalist,' 'Sweet Woman,' and 'Mr. Nice Guy.' There are many others that I haven't listed because I've run out of funny nicknames that would make sense. All names have, obviously, been changed to protect the innocent co-workers that have to put up with my non-sense all day. If any of the above listed does not like his/her nickname, wishes to be removed from the list, and/or never wants to speak to me again, he/she has only to drop me a note. If any employee at the organization is not on the list and wishes to be added, he/she has only to notify me.
My own nickname at work would probably be something in the likes of 'Billie the Kid.' In my opinion.