As I began to read the appendices of Vanishing Conscience, the search for my next venture in literature commenced. Many titles have been suggested. Divine Design was first on the list. Then Humility crossed my mind. Great works such as Trusting God, Don't Waste Your Life, and Mere Christianity are also options.  These are all books I've either never read or started without finishing. Each is a great work based on truth found within Scripture, by authors whose words are trusted, tried, and true. But then I got inspired. This topic has been simmering in my mind and recent events have added a little more heat here and there, raising the temperature of my mind on the subject. Then today, I was in the midst of a "totally different" conversation, seemingly unrelated, when BAM! This topic rose to the surface and exploded all over my desk, dripping off the side onto the floor. No, I'm not talking about a shaken can of Pepsi. The subject is apathy.

Apathy is the death of the Christian.

I've used this phrase in a couple different contexts with believers from my church, feeling out how it is accepted or rejected. And guess what? I'd get a nod. Maybe a "yeah, you're right." But the responses to my statement on apathy were met with... well... apathy! Sure they agree. No one likes apathy in general. But they don't think. We are not a thinking culture. Do they realize the consequences of the apathy that is the foundation of so much of America? I don't believe folks my age, or kids younger than me, or even my parents' generation have come to grips with what is going on. Our brains have turned to mush. There is NO discernment. There is NO logic. There is no WISDOM!  Where does that put the church? If the individuals of the body do not understand the need for action, our APATHY will lead to our ATROPHY. Wake up. WAKE! UP! 

.... I apologize for the jumpiness of this post. I don't have the time to put all my thoughts out, nor do I have the desire to do so at this time. Why not? Because I have a plan. Which leads back to my book hunt.  I plan to reread Truth War, the book I based my High School thesis upon *ahem* years ago. I don't make a habit out of rereading literature, especially books. But I need to in this case. I'm on the search for information on truth vs error, apathy vs action, anything that will help me understand the Scriptural view of this laziness that has captured the hearts of believers and laid them down in a pasture when they're supposed to be RUNNING! I may update y'all from time to time, but I told my friend today, I need to write about this and share this with the people I love. It's not that I think they're all being lazy and need to hop to it. I am the queen of laziness. But I must start somewhere in my own personal battle against apathy, and here is the spot in which the Lord has placed me. My boyfriend (yes, I've been courting a few months) urged me to combine my love for writing, years under good teaching, and this Spirit-given, growing passion for truth within me, and to spread the Word to anyone who will hear it. I'm not a great writer, I'm not even a good one, but I love it, and I love Him. Maybe this is a way for me to learn. Maybe it's a way to encourage others. No matter the result, may God be glorified. Pray for me, those of you who know the Father, are born again, have a desire for His Word. And examine yourselves. Are you apathetic towards life? Are you indifferent toward the battle that rages around and among us? Are you geared for war or napping on the sidelines, hoping others will fight for you? Think about it.

See you in a few months, Lord willing.