Quote of the Month: November 2007

We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true
Robert Wilensky

'Ello Again

Life is full of surprises, eh? I loved this blog when it first started out. Now I have neglected it for so long, I doubt anyone reads it any more. That's fine by me. I will probably never be able to regularly post on here. I am not a writer and I don't generally have anything to say anyways. I have a job now though, that's pretty cool. I'm an accountant at a local Christian ministry. It's pretty fun, considering it IS accounting. Thanksgiving was good. We had two other families over and our apartment was a mite bit crowded but it was very interesting. Lots o' food of course. On Black Friday we had family photos taken. There was a great sale at Bath n Body Works too! I'm three weeks from the end of the semester at COC which I am very excited about! There's a blood drive on Tuesday that I will be participating in. Last time, I almost passed out from not preparing for the tremendous change of pressure in my body. This time I know what to expect so I should do better. I'm going to Disneyland next month with my bf and our families and a bunch o' people I work with. That should be exciting. A friend o' mine broke his femur during the last play of the last game of his freshman football season. I've changed my major back and forth and decided to just double-major for now. I'm going to play volleyball next semester. Fun stuff, eh? Not really... but that's the quick run down of what's been going on 'ere. Thanks for reading.