Yesterday was characterized by water:
shower with water, take pills with water, drive through water falling from the sky, drink water with lunch, learned that water gets into log rides, shoes filled with water, jeans easily retain water, cotton does not easily relinquish water, water used in special effects during shows, rides are based upon characters living in large bodies of water... with the prevalence of water in our lives, is it any wonder that Christ calls himself Living Water?  Water is essential. It is everywhere.  Without it, nothing would survive.  Christians, likewise, cannot live without the living water of Christ filling our minds constantly.  Have you read your Bible today?


oohhh shiny!

Do you ever get so uber excited that your muscles involuntarily tense and you giggle like a 6 year old girl?  I wouldn't know what that's like, of course, but I must say I am quite excited to be hanging out with my small group this Saturday, then picking up a bunk bed for a new roommate, then going to Disneyland with some of my old Bible study peeps after church on Sunday... Booyahhhhh I am so excited!!!

Also, I am in love with my new ninja blender. He is silver and black and makes 2 smoothies for me every other day so I can have a healthy breakfast with lots of fruits and some milk.  He is quite a nice blender.  Especially for being dishwasher-safe.  Maybe next week, he will make me some fresh salsa!

For the record, I despise all seafood.  except tuna - but only when doused in mayo and relish to kill the taste.


God is

Not "God is awesome." Not "God is perfect."  Not even "God is holy."  Just "God is."

He is awesome and perfect and holy. but He is more. He is everything and beyond.  Words cannot describe Him and the utter completeness of God can never be captured.  No man can comprehend all that the phrase "God is" can mean.  It's too high, too complex.  God is all, but He is not contained by all.

My brain has imploded from lack of ability to intake those two words.

And yet, my heart is glad because of it.  God is. God is!  GOD IS!!! That's so amazing! I'm still geeking out about it, after all these years I've known Him.
The Lord has control; I need not worry.
He made me; I can be content.
He has promised me heaven; I have hope.
He will never sin; I have confidence.
He cares for the broken; I have joy.

Eternity will bring so much more of His character and beauty to light that I cannot wait to join His kingdom and get to know Him so infinitely more and yet never fully understand and always be learning about Him and enjoying Him and though perfect, still yearning for more of Him and not the frivolities of earth... O for that day when my journey has ended!!!


Chaotic Awareness

I’ve been dubbed a scaredy cat many times. But for me, the term has taken on new dimensions. I am not just scared. Afraid. Jumpy. Nervous. I am terrified. Mortified. Shocked. I scream out of sheer terror when my father opens the door from the other side.  I shout from shock when my 44 year old “big brother” friend jumps out at me from around the corner.  When the lighting guy drops 36lbs of cables from the roof to the floor of my workspace.  When my best friend pokes me, just once, in the middle of my back, like only she can do. Chaotic awareness has been my downfall. I will die of a stress-induced myocardial infarction before I am 40. And if I don’t, then I shall become the “crazy old (scaredy) cat lady” of your neighborhood.