Just because I'm modest?

Apparently I look like a Mormon. 

I was walking in LA with a friend after dinner (probably not the safest thing to do but oh well) and we stopped to look at some lovely wrought iron work on a gate. A gentleman approached us, asking if we’d buy a book that he wrote. He was 82 years old, short, thin, but dressed in a nice suit. A grandpa style houndstooth type suit but hey, he’s old enough to be a grandpa. The book was about his life growing up in the middle east. Now my friend happens to know Arabic fluently and attempted to speak to the man a little in Arabic but this guy… my friend said he wasn’t legit. Maybe it was just a different dialect, I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt on that. I purused the book a little and saw that the table of contents had a chapter about faith. This gentleman said that his acceptance of Christ as his Savior was the most important thing he’d ever done. I was really surprised and wanted to ask more about his theology. It took a while to get him to open up about it (he kept trying to push the $20 book on us) and when he did, I cried inside. He is a “deacon” at the local Mormon temple. In an attempt to maybe witness to him, we brought up the person of Christ and his place in the trinity. I learned that God the Father has a physical body and looks exactly like Jesus?? Weird. Oh, and if you get married in the temple, your marriage will last in eternity, but not in heaven. So I guess if you’re married Mormon, you can’t go to heaven so you are forced to go to your own planet and live and populate. But if you’re single when you die, or get married somewhere else, you’re stuck in heaven without a spouse forever? So confusing and strange. He was all about being clean and moral people.

This gentleman was mad that we didn’t buy his book, mad that my friend kept trying to speak to him (he really only seemed interested in talking to me), and he had the guts to ask for my number – to give to the young female missionaries at the temple of course.  And he said I'd make a great Mormon.  Well, maybe... except for the whole theology part.  They have a different God so it wouldn't work out for me.