Because there really are bed bugs

I’m so not tired, I’m trying to come up with reasons to stay away from my pillow… sad times… So, I’ve started going to a Bible study at a higher education facility in my county. It’s pretty chill. 300 Asians and 8 white people cram into a room in the art center for amazing worship. From the name tag greeter people to the music to the preaching, it’s an awesome place to spend my Friday nights. Better than being alone at home watching MacGyver reruns. MUCH better. I bought my first tree on Saturday. It’s a money tree. And no, it’s not the kind with dollar bills pinned to a paper concoction, it’s a real living growing plant that has taken up residence, where else? In my accounting office. The boss says since I keep writing checks, now I’ll have a way to replenish the bank account. Too bad it doesn’t work like that bro… And if you don’t know anything about agriculture (or you haven’t been to Ikea in a while) here’s what I’m talking about. OK, enough sociability for this year… good night


Over a year...

...since my last post.  I don't think I have much to say either.

I moved far away from everyone. I'm still employed. I got my Accounting Associate's degree. My brother lost his first tooth.  I bought a motorcycle. I sold the motorcycle and got a car. I went to Hong Kong. I came back. I moved closer to everyone.  I saw snow in So Cal. I got sick. I got better.

I'm alive.

(in case there were doubts)