In case you haven't heard...

Obama is our new president. I don't know if I am exactly scared or worried by this but I am a bit apprehensive. To me, Obama comes across as being a bit too cool, a bit too likable, a bit too good to be true. I am not against having a black president. I am not against having a young president. But I do not agree with much of what democrats stand for. He wants to change things. I like changing some things, but I don't look forward to higher taxes and legalized abortions. I oppose homosexual marriage. I support the war in Iraq. There are things that I think should not be changed. The next four years should be an interesting trial for all Christians, Republicans and conservatives. I would love to know your thoughts on this event.


What's up? Definitely not stock prices.

How are things going? For me, they're definitely going. I want to graduate from COC this spring which means taking 24 units in 6 months. Hard, yes. Crazy, probably. But I really don't want to take summer classes and I can't start on another degree until I finish the first one and it's so complicated, just talk to me in person if you really want to know exactly what's going on. I've also started attending Bible study for the first time in almost four years and it has been such a blessing! I love the people and the messages are absolutely wonderful! Granted, he covers more than 1 verse at a time, so he's not exactly John MacArthur, but the pastor does a good job of expounding upon the main points and making it understandable and applicable to college students. Plus it's plain old fun. I went to a football game this Saturday for my best friend's lil brother's team. watching high school football live is so much better than the pro teams on television. Seriously. I'd rather see people that I know and be right there, 20 yards from the action or however close they let you get, screaming at the top of my lungs to block and defend and "hold that line!" It's so fun! Try doing that at home and you'll end up on YouTube or AFV. Life at home is pretty much the same old thing. Juggling homework, chores, babysitting, social activities, and all the other good and not so good stuff that gets thrown at me.


Quote of the Month: October 2008

The offense was so bad, a hug wouldn't do. A handshake wouldn't do. A kiss wouldn't do. "I'm sorry" wouldn't do. DEATH would do.
- Mark Zhakevich, on the benefits of reconciliation. Taken from his sermon The War is Over based on Colossians 1:19-23, specifically verse 20, "and by Him to reconcile all things to Himself, by Him, whether things on earth or things in heaven, having made peace through the blood of His cross." Only the cross or eternity in Hell can pay for sins.

I should be doing homework...

Oh well. I don't like homework. Most of it is stuff I already know, like how to reorient a spreadsheet in Excel, while some of it is very repetitive, like having to find the intervals of 84 pairs of notes. 84! That is just overdoing it. In my perspective anyways.
Mid-terms are coming up. One of mine is a take-home test which totally ROCKS! The other is online, which is basically a take-home as well. SA-WEET! I love take home tests. I'm glad there's no mid-term for volleyball. I'm not too good at sports and I don't think I'd pass the test. I love volleyball though, don't get me wrong. I'm just not good at it. But today, he said we are all improving so that is very encouraging.
A lot of people have been asking about my migraines. I am currently taking medication that is helping to control the amount of headaches I get. The reason I've been having them a lot recently is just poor decisions on my part. Concerts, movies, plays, certain preservatives, and not getting enough sleep all add to the problem, even with the meds. So if you ever see me online at 11pm, tell me to go to bed.
This Wednesday is the Quarter Cookout at COC. My Bible study will be selling food for 25 cents as well as sharing the gospel and inviting people to visit the study that night. It should be a lot of fun! If you live close by, you should drop in, get some food, talk to some students, visit the Bible study, come hang out with me. Well, you don't HAVE to hang out with me but it would be nice :P
All right, I better get back to this Excel stuff before it starts gathering dust. Have a great day, week, month, year, or however long it is until I post yet another exciting episode of 'The Life of Pensador!'
PS - Start thinking now about what you want to get me for Christmas. If I come to your house while I'm trick-or-treating on halloween, I'll give you my wish list. You can never start too early for this kind of stuff you know.... JUST KIDDING!


How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Considering the varying density of the succulent substance surrounding the center of said tootsie pop, and the question of what counts as having reached the center - whether the entire center must be exposed or simply a small portion and if only a small portion, how large an area – plus the varying amounts of the glucose based confection that is removed with each lick, the answer varies for each test subject during every test. Therefore, there is no answer to this question so why are you reading this?


July 4th

My birthday is today. How will you celebrate it?



So how are things with you all? Things are grrrrrreat here! I have one day left of school. My job is awesome. My best friend is my secreterrorist (secretary terrorist) but she keeps things ordered in my schedule for me and I keep track of the ages of her family members. My friend is moving cross country this summer, which is a big bummer, but those kinds of things happen. I have discovered the cause of my frequent headaches and hopefully the cure for them as well. We rearranged the living room and I'm gonna get rid of my Ty beanies. So if you want any, let me know. That's all for now. Signing off, Pensador.


How about spending 21 years in school?

So, you may know I'm pretty lazy with posting on this blog. Sorry about that. But in real life I try to stay busy with school and work and church and friends and facebook and music and reading and babysitting and homework and Little House on the Prarie reruns. But now I think I'm going pretty crazy. I have decided that not only am I going to get my accounting major which I've liked so far (it's part of my job) but I am also going to major in genetics. Now, I know that last November I said I was going to double major so you're probably thinking, in your li'l heads, "This is no news. Why is she telling us this again?" Well my li'l readers, I'll tell you something else: it doesn't stop with a major. I want to get my Ph.D. in genetic engineering. THAT's the new news. What do you think? You think I'm crazy don't you? Well my friends do but I love science. I've wanted to dive into DNA since I started high school, longer than I've been interested in accounting. The way I figure, the accounting job will pay for getting the doctorate and everything until I get settled into the lab... in like 8-10 years when I actually finish all that school.