Lo, what sweet despair doth push my bounds!
What agony doth caress my soul!
For depth of wound doth purify
And pain internal doth awake

Prithee, do not forsake thy daughter
Nor turn upon thy tormented sister
Gentle scorn doth wonders produce
Harsh love hath refreshing power
Hark, the song of joy is upon mine ear
The hope of love abounds within

Dost scar remain? A cherished reminder
I am saved
I am free


Know Your Epistomology

Some friends and I had a discussion at midnight over fries and Dr Pepper at our favorite local burger establishment. The topic of discussion was primarily centered around this post that my friend wrote.  He’s a very deep thinker, that Jesse.  But all of that discussion got me thinking… How do our perceptions of reality differ from reality? Can we ever fully and correctly perceive reality?  And is reality what is true?  That last question is my most important one for this reason:  The world we know, what we can observe and make empirical deductions based upon, is fallen. It is broken. It is not what it was meant to be.  Does this mean it is less true?  Is a sinful creation necessarily false? 

I know I should leave this type of thinking to the philosophy majors.  I don’t know what I’m talking about.  But that’s ok.  It happens a lot.