Cabbage soup vs Chipotle

So I was eating lunch with some co-workers today.  It was fun and we discussed things like "what would aliens think of our government fighting internally between elephants and donkeys?"  But then someone said that blogs are a waste of time and people should read books instead.  I was offended by that.  My friend Mrs M is an avid blogger and I so enjoy her insights on love, loss, life, laughter, and alliteration. She has a great perspective that I wish I could emulate. She's always encouraged me toward godliness and intelligence.  She's also the reason I have written somewhat more frequently on this blog since this time last year.  Now, if my good friend Mrs M were to write a book, I would definitely read it.  But I hope that it would be filled with short stories about her life experiences, each with a golden nugget of wisdom or funny outcome.  Because that is how I think of Mrs M.  She's not a drawn out single purpose tale, but a collection of adventures that always delight...

...but what WOULD aliens think of our politics?



Hey! It's 2012? When did that happen? Oh yeah, I was at the apartment of a friend of a friend when it happened. And it was a weird night.

I think it was the first time I'd been to what the world would call a party but I was surrounded by Christians. There was music, dancing, and alcohol, but I didn't see anyone getting drunk and inappropriate. So it was fun.

It was the first time I played twister with adults! So fun though! I won two outta three games :)

And regrettably, 1/1/12 was the first time I was seriously hit on by a Christian guy. He totally knew I've been in a very serious relationship for the last two years. But he would not stop asking me to dance. It was super awkward. But God helped me be gracious toward a brother and I kept steering the convo back to church and ministry and salvation truths. Those are much more fun than dancing with a stranger.

I am resolved once again to lose ____ pounds this year. I purchased a gym membership back in September and have been going pretty consistently for about a month or so now. I'm only eating out when with others, not just when it's convenient. And when I do eat out, I'm trying to choose the healthier options on the menu :)

I am resolved to do laundry on a more regular basis.

I am resolved to learn as much Arabic as I can.

I am resolved to grow as a young woman in the way a godly young woman should grow. To continue developing relationships with wiser women. To read more regularly books and scriptures that are edifying and challenging. To pray for the good of others and follow up on those prayers to see how God has answered. To be more feminine and learn the ways women are most efficient at what they do.

I'm so excited!!!