I’ve got a question/thought for you: Who do you vent to? Your best friend? Your mom/dad/spouse? I figured out (just this morning) that my vent is a coworker that I hardly ever talk to, but every time I do, just the way he asks how things are going in my life, I feel like I have to tell him all my woes. Usually I feel pretty good after our conversations too, like it was a relief to get out there how much I hate my Algebra class, or the fact that trying to figure out my schedule is harder than juggling army tanks. Seriously, this guy should be a counselor. :) FYI: My class blog project hasn’t started yet so that’s why I haven’t posted, though now I have so you can’t yell at me too loudly anymore.



 Thinking is the quickest route to destruction
 for thinking leads to realization
 and realization can shatter the soul

"Do not dwell on the past."  This is sound advice from my history professor and I suggest you listen.  I didn't and now I'm hurting.  Don't think about the atrocities that children experienced in My Lai during the war in Vietnam.  Don't think about how the Nazis treated the Jews in concentration camps, sorting their clothes, stockpiling shoes, heaping naked bodies outside.  Don't think about all the millions of people who have died without knowing Christ.  It might destroy you.