Behind my office door he lives
The gift of life to him I give
Every morning opportune
To kill him yet I do resist
There is a reason to exist

He lives behind my office door
So warm and quiet and poor
No other place has he to go
No safer place for him to roam
Do not wander walls or floor

Stay safe behind my office door
In wait, he lies
Recognize, my gentle eyes
No fear has he that I take his life
Some fear him, no, not I

So behind my door he lives
I cannot make a comfy stay
He may leave someday
My kindness will not keep him alive
Though it will not him of life deprive

So stay behind my door
As long as you wish
As long as you might
I’ll say bye every night
As I turn out the light
And leave you behind my office door.


The White Wave said...

Is Roger a rat? A spider? A snake?

Pensador said...

I should introduce you
Just please don't use a shoe
To kill him as most people do
to his kind