I secretly...
... want to move back in with my parents.
... don't like studying business.
... want to marry a scientist or a pastor... or a pastor scientist!

I not so secretly...
... have been studying Russian.
... can't wait to go back home to West Virginia!

I proudly...
... fell in love with ultimate frisbee.
... will be attending the final Resolved conference this weekend!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest :) 

Resolved has been one of the best experiences in my Christian life.  So much wisdom is poured down our throats, soothing our souls, filling our spirits, cleansing our minds, encouraging our hearts, and changing our passions.  This is The.Last.One. and I'm sad.  But God will continue to bless young adult Christians through other means, I'm sure. He always does His will and we can rest in that.  Sorry I'm random and short today, but that's kind of normal.  This post is totally off the cuff, unlike my normal ponder-for-hours-before-posting ordeal. I just wanted to encourage you to do one of two things:

A - Come to Resolved!  Day passes are available but coming for the whole weekend would be most beneficial.  You can register here.
B - If you can't come, livestream!  Here at work, it's fun to walk around the building during Resolved and Shepherd's conference because it's almost like surround sound; everyone has the livestream up and blasting!

See ya!

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